3 Ingredient Pancakes

3 Ingredient Pancakes


My 6 month old son seems to be having issues with wheat or gluten.  I’ve been doing an elimination diet with him by cutting out his oatmeal and baby puffs for the last week.  It has made a huge difference!  Now, I need to go gluten/wheat free as well since I am breastfeeding so his little tummy feels completely better.

In my search for things that I can eat, I came across a recipe for 3-ingredient pancakes.  They’re very simple to make!  My only complaint is that I took a bite expecting them to taste like pancakes and they did not.  They tasted more like banana french toast.  My 2-year-old loved them!!

Here’s how to make them:

1.  Mash 1 ripe banana with a fork.


2.  Add 2 eggs.


3.  Add cinnamon.


4.  Fry in a pan like a pancake!


Make sure you grease your pan…but, seriously, I am the WORST pancake maker ever!  Even my regular pancakes come out in a giant glob.  At least they taste good 🙂

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We added a little syrup.  Like I said before, my toddler told me they were yummy, but I’m not sold because I was really craving something that actually tasted like pancake.  Give them a try and let me know what you think!!