12 Ways to Reuse Old Wrapping Paper

12 Ways to Reuse Old Wrapping Paper


Today I learned the hard way that you should not leave a toddler alone with a new roll of wrapping paper, not even for 30 seconds!  This will happen:

WP_20150319_004 (2)

He unrolled it, crumpled it onto the couch, looked at me, and said, “Here ya go!”  He was proud because clearly he was “helping!”

So…the research on what to do with all of this wrapping paper began.  This is what I found:

1. A Placemat

The idea comes from Junk Mail Gems Blog.  You could do this with any type of leftover paper or magazines and really personalize it.


2. Packing Material


Martha Stewart has a great idea to stick the extra paper in the shredder.  You can use the colorful paper shreds as packing material when shipping or as fun gift bag lining.


3.  Gift Card Envelopes

Poppy Talk has step-by-step directions on how to make adorable gift card envelopes.  I think I might make these even if I don’t have extra paper to re-use.


4.  Greeting Cards

Here’s a cute Christmas card using washi tape from Split Coast Stampers but it could definitely be done with strips of old wrapping paper.  Or, try these whimsical cards from Happy Hooligans.


5. Bouquet Wrap

Wrap Flowers in Patterned Paper

Pop Sugar has some great ideas for all sorts of everyday items around the house.  Instead of handing a loved one a bouquet of flowers in the plastic from the store, wrap them in brightly colored paper to make them extra cheery!


6. Make Gift Bows

Believe it or not, you can make bows from your old wrapping paper!  Here are two different types of bows to try:

100 Layer Cake has easy directions to make a traditional bow.

gift wrap bow

Adorable, fun bows from Lia Griffith.

Template for Paper Bows


7.  Paper Beads

Here are step-by-step directions on how to make paper beads from wikiHow.

Make Paper Beads Final.jpg

If you’re really ambitious you can make this awesome beaded door curtain from Bohemian Hellhole.


8. Snowflakes

Of course, colored wrapping paper would make beautiful snowflakes instead of the boring computer printer paper I generally use!  Here are some really neat templates to use next time you’re cutting snowflakes from Bon Temps Beignet.


9. Easter Decorations

Again, Martha Stewart wants you to put your pretty paper in the shredder.  Then use it for Easter basket filler instead of buying plastic grass.  Adorable!


Also, use your pretty shredded paper to build a bird’s nest.  Here are directions from Art Bar Blog.

make bird nests from recycled paper | art bar


10. Drawer Liners

Cheer up the dark corners of your drawers or linen closets by lining them with bright wrapping paper.  Check out these pictures from Making Home Base.

Line Desk Drawers with Wrapping Paper

11.  Christmas Decorations
This cute paper loop Christmas tree from Polished to Perfection would definitely brighten up any home during the holidays.














12. Crafts for Kids

During my research I came across many great craft ideas to use up this wrapping paper.  Here are my favorites:

Magnets from Ingenious Inkling


Scrap paper stockings from No Time for Flash Cards

scrap paper stocking

Paper chain animals, like this caterpillar from DLTK Kids

paper chain caterpillar


These were just a few of my favorites.  If you have more ideas, please share!  If you try any out, let us know how it works for you!!



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