The Thankful Turkey

The Thankful Turkey


My oldest son is now 2 and a half.  Every year I see people on Facebook posting something they are thankful for every day from November 1st until Thanksgiving Day.  I decided to start something similar with my son to help him think about what he’s thankful for…and because I really want to know what he’s going to come up with  🙂

I cut out a simple turkey body from construction paper.  I added legs, a beak, and eyes.  We hung it on the refrigerator.


We started by reading a book called The Thankful Book by Todd Parr.  We’ve read the book before, but this time we really talked about the things highlighted in the book (friends, family, pets, hugs, etc).  I don’t think he understands the word thankful yet but I know he can definitely tell me about things that he likes.

I cut out some feathers from construction paper and each day I’ll ask him what he’s thankful for and write it on a feather to add to the turkey.  Without any prompting, I asked him what he’s thankful for.  The first thing he said is what I wrote down: Elmo!  Of course, who isn’t thankful for that furry red monster?!


Now, every day until Thanksgiving, I’ll ask him and write his response and add a feather.  By Thanksgiving our turkey will be full of feathers!  Don’t worry if your feathers aren’t nicely shaped.  All the feathers together by the end will be great!  We hung this on the refrigerator so we can see it.

I plan to do this every year and to save what he says so someday we can look back and laugh and the great things he is thankful for!

I also saw a similar idea by putting bare twigs in a vase and then adding a leaf cutout each day with what you’re thankful for.  I decided this was more toddler-friendly and no breakable vase or pokey sticks involved.

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