Puffy Paint

Puffy Paint




This is by far the best thing we have tried yet!!  The paint is taste safe, it’s washable, and it is so fun!  My son is not usually open to trying new craft projects.  He doesn’t like to touch new things (finger paint, play dough, etc.) but he loved this!  I finally found a great way for him to be creative without being uncomfortable.


You just need a few ingredients:

1/2 cup flour

2 teaspoon baking powder

2 teaspoon salt

food coloring

enough water to make a paste


WP_20150728_004-001 WP_20150728_006-001

I divided my flour mixture into 3 small containers and added 10 drops of food coloring in each little container.  I then mixed a little water until I got to a thick paint consistency.  I put the paint in snack size ziploc bags so there was no mess.  To paint, I just snipped the corner of each bag.


WP_20150728_001-001 WP_20150728_002-001

Since this paint is really thick, you will need to put it on something sturdy.  I cut out these sheets from old cardboard boxes.


WP_20150728_007-001 WP_20150728_008-001 WP_20150728_009-001

Paint until your heart is content!  This would probably work with a paint brush too for older kids.

When you’re all done you put it in the microwave for 30-40 seconds.  This dries the paint and makes it puff up.  When my husband got home from work, our son told him how we put his paintings in the microwave and he thought we were crazy until we showed him how awesome they were!


The top picture has been microwaved, the bottom picture is still wet.


We will definitely be doing this again and again!  So easy, cheap, quick, and fun!!

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