Summer Fun: Week of July 27

Summer Fun: Week of July 27


Okay, sorry, I missed posting last week.  This summer has been so busy and is flying by!  Let’s get back on track this week 🙂

Make it Monday:  I came across a great recipe for homemade puffy paint that you put in the microwave when you’re finished to make it puff up.  I definitely want to try this.  We’ll try it out and I’ll let you know if it really works.  I found the recipe at Mommy-Labs.

Tasty Tuesday:  Blueberry Angel Food Cake.  I ran across this recipe when searching for something new to try for my husband’s birthday.  I ended up making him something different, but this week I want to try this.  This cake only has 2 ingredients!  I should be able to find time to throw this together with 2 kids that keep me busy!  🙂  I can’t wait to try it!

Wet Wednesday:  I realized the other day that my 2-year-old hasn’t ever played with water balloons.  We’re definitely heading to the back yard with a bucket full of balloons!!

Think About it Thursday:  Thursday we’re going to do some mirror dancing.  To mirror dance, have your child stand in front of a full-length mirror and have them make different parts of their body dance (ex. make your hair dance, wiggle your ears, shake your legs, nod your head, shrug your shoulders, etc.).  We’ll play some fun music and dance while reviewing names of different parts of our body!

Fantastic Friday:  Friday we have a play date at the park planned!  This one will be fun for mommy too!

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