13 Fun Ways to Reuse Milk Jugs

13 Fun Ways to Reuse Milk Jugs




We go through a lot of milk in our house…like 3 gallons a week.  I think my 2-year-old asks for a cup of milk every 5 minutes.  Of course, all of our milk jugs go in the recycling bin, but here are some great ways to turn them into something fun!!


1.  A bird feeder



2.  An igloo


3.  A game for the backyard

10 Off-Grid Backyard Games for Your Family ~ Mom with a Prep {blog}www.lakeshorelearning.com


4.  An Easter basket

Milk Jug Easter Craft Instructions


5.  A totem pole

Picture of Totem Pole from Recyclables


6.  Flower Pot

Spout Buddies - Using recycled Milk Jugs


7.  A Skeleton



8.  Whale for the Pool


9.  Snowmen

snowman milk jugs


10.  A Wind Sock

Make your own windsocks. A fun and colourful craft to inspire physical movement and self expression.


11.  Piggy Bank


12.  Craft Supply Holder

how make a school supply container from a milk jug


13.  Suncatchers

Milk Jug Window Art

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